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When You Prioritize Breaks, Your Team Thrives

Reduce stress, re-focus and revitalize your workplace with creative mindfulness breaks.

When You Prioritize Breaks, Your Team Thrives

Reduce stress, re-focus and revitalize your workplace with creative mindfulness breaks.

Doodle Breaks brings mindfulness for any company, no matter the size.

A creative, wellness service experience to help your team take healthy breaks to reduce stress and increase productivity.

Doodle Breaks bring awareness to the present moment through expert-led, guided mindful doodling sessions and tools. Our creative, guided doodling exercises help train the brain to be more mindful, boosting attention, concentration and creativity and helping to lower stress. And best of all, no artistic talent or drawing skill is required.

The Benefits of Doodle Breaks' Workplace Mindfulness Exercises

  • Reduce Stress

    Doodling is a proven, highly accessible way to help the mind relax, so it can process and integrate information.

  • Drive Innovation

    Doodling helps connect seemingly disparate ideas and makes creativity come alive to fuel new ideas and innovation.

  • Manage Emotions

    Doodling is a safe method to process emotions, converting negative feelings into a neutral balance, without judgment.

  • Increase Attentiveness

    The act of doodling while listening tells the brain to pay attention, helping people recalling 29% more information!

  • Happiness Boost

    The opposite of play isn’t work, it’s depression. Playfulness in life, including work, increases satisfaction and purpose.

  • Improve Productivity

    Doodling is an easy way to focus the mind. In five minutes it can completely refuel much needed energy and a sense of clarity.

Choose from any of these options to deliver Doodle Breaks to your workplace and improve employee wellness.

30-Day Challenge New Habits

30-Day Challenge – New Habits, New Norms

Take on the 30-day mindfulness challenge and incorporate the art of doodling as your daily mindfulness activity. Embrace a structured process that will allow you to cultivate new ways to improve your focus, productivity, and creativity.

This challenge begins with a kickoff keynote to get you started and ends with a live wrap-up keynote to celebrate your progress and accomplishments.

1-hour Doodle Breaks

Live Keynote Doodle Breaks

Our Doodle Break keynotes are facilitated live. Experience creative mindfulness with our expert led facilitators. The content is customized to your company’s needs.

15-minute Doodle Breaks

15-minute Doodle Breaks

Learn how our 15-minute, self-guided Doodle Breaks can help your team stay engaged, reduce stress, and boost productivity. Take a healthy break, bring mindfulness to your day, and enhance your mood, focus, and ability to process information.


Meet Melissa

There was a time when I took pride in moving at the speed of light! Running professional creative businesses from BC to a design firm in London, UK. Before long it was Scotland, Australia and finally back home to the East Coast of Canada.

Unsurprisingly, one day my body and mind quit. Stress, anxiety, overall burnout, auto-pilot. Sound familiar? I vividly remember sitting at my dining room table wondering how to take a break. I started doodling circles, one doodle at a time. And I had no clue what would happen, but I had an incredible sense of calm. I felt, very much, a spark of joy! I hadn’t felt that in a while. I knew I had to follow that. How could doodling such a simple shape allow instant calm?

I followed that question to create Doodle Breaks!

meet melissa

Add expert-led, stress management tools into your training calendar, global wellness initiative, team meeting or company event.

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