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Break-Up Long Meetings with Doodle Breaks

Keep your attendees engaged and interested.

15-minute Doodle Breaks for Mindfulness

These short 15-minute pre-recorded mindfulness breaks are perfect for your:

Event Entertainment



Help participants:

  • Take a healthy break
  • Bring mindfulness moments to their day
  • Enhance their moods, focus and their ability to process the content they are learning.

Set Your Events Apart from the Usual.

Pre-Recorded 15-Minute Doodle Break themes:

An Introductory Doodle Break

For Finding Focus

For Managing Change

For Finding Joy

For Greater Mindfulness

For Productivity

For Creativity


Doodle Breaks brings mindfulness for any company, no matter the size.

Add expert-led, stress management tools into your training calendar, global wellness initiative, team meeting or company event.

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