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Doodle Breaks 30-Day Creative Mindfulness at Work Challenge

Introducing a stress free, mindful challenge to help your team take healthy breaks.

Experience a 30-Day Doodle Breaks Challenge.

Participants will engage in a daily structured process that will take up to 10-minutes a day to uncover their creative mindfulness skills and make ‘doodling’ a habit.

Bookend the 30-days with a live kick off and end with a live wrap up keynote.

How Does The 30-Day Creative Mindfulness Challenge Work?

The challenge uses principles of habit formation, positive psychology and gamification to simultaneously educate, inspire, motivate, and focus your efforts to taking a mindfulness action every day.

How can your 30-Day Doodle Breaks Challenge be best integrated:

  • Kick all at live all company or team meeting or company event
  • Weekly departmental meeting
  • As part of a new leadership initiative
  • Retreats or events
  • Who can participate? All team members participate (individual contributors, managers, leadership).
  • How to participate? Participants can doodle together or on their own.
  • What do you need? Paper and a pen or your favorite mark making tool or tablet.

The Pillars of the 30-Day Doodle Breaks Challenge

The Pillars of the 30-Day Doodle Breaks Challenge

An Easy Solution to Mindfulness at Work

The 30-Day Doodle Breaks Challenge platform can easily be integrated into your corporate culture or global well-being program to engage your employees.

Features of the 30-Day Challenge

  • Daily Inspiration
  • Daily Creative Mindfulness Practices
  • Micro-Coaching
  • Connection With Other Leaders
  • Track Your Progress
  • Played As A Game, So Practicing Is Fun!
Features of the 30-day challenge


Doodle Breaks brings mindfulness for any company, no matter the size.

Add expert-led, stress management tools into your training calendar, global wellness initiative, team meeting or company event.

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