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April is stress awareness month – why should you care?

There is a myth that stress was invented during the pandemic. The fact remains that a recognition of the impacts of stress has existed for many decades. 🤓

April is ‘Stress Awareness Month’; which it has been since 1992. Fast forward 30 years into a global coronavirus pandemic. The world has evolved in ways that will pay off for decades to come, but with it comes… you guessed it, an increase in stress.

Much has been said about blurred lines between work and personal life post 2020. Boundaries for your team members have likely become harder to define and practice. The sheer amount of time being spent in front of screens can create heightened anxiety and stress. People are struggling, this is why you should care.

What can you do to address stress in your Wellness Strategy? 

It’s important to know that not all stress is bad. 

It’s the kind of stress that is repetitive, referred to as chronic stress, that we need to worry about.

Get proactive about stress.

Being proactive is ALWAYS better than REACTIVE. Let us help by giving you a tactile tool to integrate creative mindfulness into your corporate culture, that will directly impact your employees’ wellbeing. 

Wellness has been identified as a key attraction and retention strategy for businesses to sustain and grow, post-pandemic. Tracey Keele is Advisory Partner and Culture Co-Lead for KPMG and in a report for Forbes, she articulates the need for a focus on well-being as follows: “We have to be able to attract and retain the very best talent and we want to be able to delight our clients every day and that helps us grow our business. Wellbeing is an important way to do this.” 

Let us help. We can show you how to integrate creative mindfulness as part of your new employee on-boarding program, hybrid work environments or integrating them directly into your daily, weekly or town hall meetings. If you wish to experience a Doodle Break, join us on our 5-Day Doodle Break Challenge starting April 25th, 2022.

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