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Can ‘micro-moments of positivity’ build team resilience?

postive thoughts

Did you know the human brain (and body) are hard-wired to expect danger? 

“Your nervous system is constantly on the look-out, primed to jump into action when danger is detected or to freeze if that seems like a better option.” Source: Psychology Today

In today’s circumstances, think about what that means for your typical team member’s stress levels. Pandemic, war, racial tension, concerns relating to their local communities, struggling to create boundaries between work and home in an ongoing hybrid environment!

This can spell an overload of stress.

As April is ‘Stress Awareness Month’,  how can you support your talent base in an ongoing landscape of stress and change management?

Psychiatrist Dr. Samantha Boardman proposes an idea she calls “micro-moments of positivity”. She suggests people seek out the people or things that bring them joy.

Can you engineer a “micro-moment of positivity” at an organizational-level?

We believe so!

We can show you how to integrate creative mindfulness as part of your new employee wellness program, hybrid work environments or integrating them directly into your daily, weekly or town hall meetings. Your employees will benefit from taking mindful and tactile breaks that promote positivity and build resilience.

If you wish to experience how to integrate creative mindfulness to promote your own micro moments of positivity, contact us today! Book your own 5-minute Doodle Break HERE to experience a micro moment of positivity.

Helping your people Work Better. Feel Better. Live Better.

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