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How distracted are your people?

Distractions – they are everywhere – pings, emails, deadlines, co-workers, traffic, family members – the list goes on.  Constant distractions have resulted in 33% of workers saying their attention span is shorter than it was a year ago. (Asana index)  Yikes! 70% of employees will read their emails while watching television at home.   How’s that for a distraction?  In the last year, workers from theRead More »How distracted are your people?

Sprint and Recover

Sprints followed by recovery

Life is a series of sprints followed by recovery.  The other day I was chatting with a friend who really shed some light on this topic. When we dug into this further, it came down to understanding the relationship between stress and recovery mode. This symbiotic relationship is really important so you can build capacity and capability, as you learnRead More »Sprints followed by recovery

Turning Negative Stress Into Positive Change

May is Mental Health Awareness month. Fewer Americans are “thriving” today than 13 months ago.  While daily stress and worry remain steady and near pre-pandemic levels, according to a new life satisfaction poll released in March by the polling firm Gallup: The percentage of adults classified as “thriving” dropped again to 53.2% Thriving rates among independents have dropped steeply since June 2021Read More »Turning Negative Stress Into Positive Change

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