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This photograph of people in a conference room, seated and holding up a piece of paper with their doodle artwork

Mindful Doodling: A Creative Path to Stress Reduction

Welcome to our Mindful Doodling training, where we combine the art of doodling with mindfulness techniques to help your employees reduce stress and foster emotional well-being.    In this program, our expert creative mindfulness trainer and coach will guide your team on a creative journey that enhances focus, reduces anxiety, and cultivates a mindful approach to daily challenges.    Let’s explore… Read More »Mindful Doodling: A Creative Path to Stress Reduction

Unveiling Little t Trauma in the Workplace

While we often link trauma to major life events like accidents or loss, it’s important to shed light on another form of trauma that often remains unnoticed: Little t trauma. Work stress has become an almost inevitable aspect of modern life and causes more damage than you might think. This impacts our mental and physical well-being, as well as our… Read More »Unveiling Little t Trauma in the Workplace

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