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Creative Mindfulness Explained …

Creative Mindfulness

Have you ever been driving your car or taking public transit and you suddenly arrived at your destination, yet you don’t realize it until you get there?

Sometimes we go into auto-pilot mode, especially for things that we do on a regular basis which can be helpful, but this takes us away from being fully present in the moment.

What is Creative Mindfulness?

In its most simplistic form, “mindfulness” means being fully present in the current moment. Where you are free of distractions, fully engaged in your task or what you are focusing on. Creativity is a tool that helps us be present and mindful.

Why is this important to our work?

Firstly, mindfulness switches on divergent thinking. Meaning that it opens your mind to new ideas

Secondly, having a mindfulness practice, improves attention and makes it easier to register the novelty and usefulness of ideas.

Research has shown us that being mindful can help to reduce stress, anxiety and conflict, and increase resilience and creativity, while improving communication in the workplace.

How can you invite Creative Mindfulness into your organization?

By giving people the opportunity to take a healthy break using Doodle Breaks.

The act of mindful doodling can increase your peoples’ ability to take mindful actions each day. This means greater calm, clarity, creativity and confidence so your people can Work Better. Feel Better. Live Better.

Let us show you how to integrate creative mindfulness as part of your new employee wellness program, hybrid work environments or integrating them directly into your daily, weekly or town hall meetings. Contact Us

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