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Do you know why you have ‘a-ha’ moments in the shower?

Remember the last time that you had an amazing idea or an aha moment when you were in the shower? It happens to us all more often than we’d think.

Do you know why? It’s likely because you’re giving yourself a little bit of space to refresh to reset, and that helps you look at a situation in a whole different way.

Doodling is a key tool that can help your brain do the same thing mindfully.

Creative problem solving is really important, especially nowadays, when we’re always ‘pivoting’ and not stopping to reflect enough. 

Doodling invites the space in our minds to pause and reflect. 

Watch this 90 second video to understand how doodling stimulates our brains and helps build our ability to look at complex problems through the lens of creative solutions.

Reach out for more information on how mindful doodling can help you and your team unlock your creativity. We offer all types of guided mindful Doodle Breaks, perfect for team meetings, events and wellness days, starting at CAD 500.

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