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Mindfulness in the Workplace

When you give people breaks, they do not have breakdowns. Doodle Breaks helps your team de-stress and re-focus through creative mindfulness breaks.

Mindfulness in the Workplace

When you give people breaks, they do not have breakdowns. Doodle Breaks helps your team de-stress and re-focus through creative mindfulness breaks.

The Bottom Line Benefits of Mindfulness

In a real life study by Duke ⅓ of Aetna’s 50,000 workforce participated in one mindfulness activity, resulting in:


Reduction in their stress levels


Improvement in sleep quality


Reduction in pain

11-1 ROI

Productivity increase by one employee = 62 minutes/week ($3K per employee)


Decrease in healthcare cost


Positive impact to their bottom line

Discover Doodling for Your Teams

Your mind needs to be refreshed regularly. That’s why mindful doodling during a break is extremely beneficial. It works the area of your brain that activates the right hormones and chemical responses to combat stress. The business case for bringing calm and focus to organizations is strong, post-pandemic. If you’d like a program for your work or you want to advocate for more creative activities in your training calendar, you’re in the right place.

Decrease Stress, Anxiety & Overwhelm by Taking Healthy Breaks

Promoting mindfulness, creativity and calm to help your staff feel better and work better.

How Doodle Breaks Works

Let our passion for personal change guide you, one doodle at a time.

Our Services are Provided via 3 Different Methods:

30-Day Challenge New Habits

30-Day Challenge Micro Breaks – New Habits, New Norms

Take on the 30-day mindfulness challenge and incorporate the art of doodling as your daily mindfulness activity. Embrace a structured process that will allow you to cultivate new ways to improve your focus, productivity, and creativity.

This challenge begins with a kickoff keynote to get you started and ends with a live wrap-up keynote to celebrate your progress and accomplishments.

1-hour Doodle Breaks

Live Keynote Doodle Breaks

Our Doodle Break keynotes are facilitated live. Experience creative mindfulness with our expert led facilitators. The content is customized to your company’s needs.

15-minute Doodle Breaks

15-minute Doodle Breaks

Learn how our 15-minute, self-guided Doodle Breaks can help your team stay engaged, reduce stress, and boost productivity. Take a healthy break, bring mindfulness to your day, and enhance your mood, focus, and ability to process information.

What Do You Get?

For pre-recorded sessions we will send you a link where you can play the specified video(s) for your event. For the 30-Day Challenge we will send you a link to the application. Should you have an additional request, please let us know.

What Do You Need?

Paper and your favorite mark making tool or tablet to doodle on. That’s it!

Our solution is simple.

“Give people the right tools and permission to pause and implement a creative mindfulness practice into their day.”

Make Doodle Breaks a Habit

A habit is an unconscious behaviour that can significantly improve your life. With practice, it automatically becomes part of your DNA, without second thought. We make it easy to integrate a doodle break into your day to day.

Here’s a suggestion: Pick an activity you already do and bundle a doodle break to it. i.e. morning coffee break – add a Doodle Break to your time.

In difficult times, it may be the last thing you want to do however it might be the perfect opportunity to spend time making an incremental change that becomes part of your new well-being.


Doodle Breaks brings mindfulness for any company, no matter the size.

Add expert-led, stress management tools into your training calendar, global wellness initiative, team meeting or company event.

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