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How to disconnect during times of change

Ernest Hemingway said, “We’re stronger in the places that we’ve been broken.”  

That’s never felt more relevant to us. The world feels heavy. There’s instability in markets. Change continues to be a constant and organizations are racing to keep up.

As leaders, how are you supporting your teams during constant change?

Play it out for a minute!

Are your team members unable to disconnect because they are minutely focussed on world events that none of us can control?

Maybe they are under stress that relates to their own families and stressful pandemic lives?

How do we as leaders identify these emotions, provide an empathetic environment and the space to process, while also keeping our talent productive and focused?

Here’s a secret that has helped multiple teams that we have worked with at Doodle Breaks:


Kindness boosts productivity and motivation.

Research by the Association of Professional Executives of the Public Service of Canada (APEX) found that teams in a respectful, kind environment possess 26% more energy. These teams are 30% more likely to feel motivated and enthusiastic about acquiring new skills and being exposed to new ideas.

How can you promote kindness in your work environment? 

Are there times when uncertainty overshadows your ability to promote kindness? 

This is where Doodle Breaks can help. 

By experiencing the act of mindful doodling, your team members gain the space to take a healthy break and disconnect which leads them to renew their energy and re-focus on what’s important. 

Need to experience a doodle break before introducing it to your teams? 

Sign up now for our free 5-day Doodle Breaks Challenge and see how it can give your team productivity levels a boost, while increasing motivation and focus. 

Experience the 5 day Doodle Breaks challenge here 👇

Test run the 5 day Doodle Breaks challenge here.

Already know you want more of these custom tools or keynote sessions? Request a meeting with us and we would be happy to help you integrate Doodle Breaks directly into your overall corporate wellbeing strategy.

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