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Why Mindful Doodling?

The Science and Benefits Behind Doodling.

The act of art-making lowers cortisol levels in up to 75% of participants in studies.

The Facts of Doodling in the Workplace

Doodling, drawing and engaging in artistic activity is good for our memories, creativity, mental health and overall productivity. Here are a few facts that back up the science.

How Doodling During Your Breaks Reduces Stress

Doodling, even if it’s for 5 – 10 minutes between meetings, allows us to take a moment to breathe and reduce stress levels. If you’re wondering what the science behind that is, you’re in the right place. Doodling brings increased blood flow to the prefrontal cortex, which is the front of our brain.

The Real Benefits of Taking Doodling Mindfulness Breaks

Increases Creativity

Doodling evangelist Sunni Brown sees sketching as a way to improve comprehension and get the creative juices flowing. Research that dates back nearly a century backs up Brown’s claim that doodling, drawing and engaging in artistic activities is good for our memories, our mental health and improving job performance.

Improves Problem Solving & Team Work

A study in the Journal of Knowledge Management concluded that teams could benefit in several ways using a “low-tech” approach with pen and paper. The researchers said that sketching with a team “facilitates interaction and turn taking, increases vividness and memorability, and allows for an authentic and personal follow up documentation.”

Enhances Concentration

According to research by Jackie Andrade, PhD, of the University of Plymouth, UK, when participants monitored a monotonous mock telephone message for the names of people coming to a party, the doodling group performed beer on the monitoring task and recalled 29% more information on a surprise memory test than those who didn’t doodle.

Provides a Happiness Boost

When you are in the creative process this can help with mental health, and it can make us feel good, too. A 2019 study by Jennifer Drake at Brooklyn College found that a mere 10 minutes of drawing improved participants’ moods. Art therapy researchers have also focused on the relationship between art and mood states finding reduced cortisol levels (Kaimal, Ray, & Muniz, 2016) as well as improve mood and self-efficacy (Kaimal & Ray, 2017).


Maureen Gail Manager

I received the Doodle by Numbers for Dog Lovers as a Christmas gift. I didn’t think much about it till I was sitting around one night looking for something to do. Well I started and didn’t stop! I love it ❤️. It was great for clearing my head and just enjoying my time. I highly recommend getting one for yourself. It was more mind clearing than colouring.

Jordann Hunsperger Manager

Taking a "pause" and introspecting has always been hard for me, but with DoodleLovely's 'Creative Mind Happy Soul' book, taking time to reflect has become much easier. I'm so happy to have been gifted such a wonderful product for Christmas, and have already started to incorporate it into my daily self care routine. Highly recommended!

Christina Jarvis Manager

I’ve replaced my nightly scroll through social media with this sweet book. It’s so relaxing and rewarding to complete a Doodle right before bed! The images are delightful and I’m so happy to have this new ritual in my life!! The only problem is when I run out of books!! I hope you’ll continue to make new ones. 🙂

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