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Managing stress in the workplace by building resilience & creativity

The Doodle Breaks Keynote Program Flow

Our 1-hour Doodle Breaks keynote can be facilitated live in-person or via a video conferencing platform. Experience the doodling process with a Doodle Breaks facilitator.

The content of the keynote is customized to your needs.

Our Mindfulness for Business Keynote Interactive Themes to Choose From:

How to Take a Healthy Break

If we don’t give ourselves any downtime to refresh and recharge, we’re less efficient, make more mistakes, and get less engaged with what we’re doing. Taking breaks is a scientifically proven method for regaining our focus, sharpness and motivation.

The Secret to Preventing Burnout

Feeling drained and emotionally exhausted? Learn how to banish burnout and end overwhelm. High-achievers often get stuck in unhealthy patterns leading to burnout. It’s time to break the cycle, overcome burnout and regain your balance.

Creating a Healthy Sleep Routine

Are you in need of a better sleep routine so that you can work better, feel better and live better? Cue your busy mind it’s time for sleep, helping your sleep cycle so you can perform at your best.

Get Started with Creative Mindfulness

A new way to invite mindfulness to your day. Develop this skill, by slowing down and taking the time to pay attention and be curious.

Increase Focus & Manage Stress

A simple and powerful tool to help improve your focus, while also helping to enhance your well-being and expand on your creativity (even if you say you are not creative).

Encourage Creativity & Innovation

Learn how to support your creative spirit, trigger outside of the box thinking, connect seemly disparate ideas and create more aha moments to inspire and get your creative juices flowing.

The Art of Single Tasking

Learn how the human brain is not built for juggling multiple tasks at once. Uncover how to build your focus muscle and how that can lead to better productivity and performance.

Doodle Breaks brings mindfulness for any company, no matter the size.


Add expert-led, stress management tools into your training calendar, global wellness initiative, team meeting or company event.

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