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Unveiling Mindfulness vs. Meditation: Essential Insights for Your Teams

I recently came across a discussion that raised the question of whether mindfulness works for everyone.

In light of this, I wanted to share a doodle I created to help clarify the distinction between mindfulness and meditation.

Personally, I encountered challenges when I first attempted meditation and mindful practices. Instead of concluding that mindfulness wasn’t suitable for me, I decided to delve into research and explore the various approaches to practicing mindfulness.

It would be unfair to dismiss mindfulness without considering the different methods available, and it’s equally important not to give up after just one attempt.

During my exploration several years ago, I discovered the practice of mindful doodling, which offered me a completely different and enjoyable experience while still providing the same benefits as traditional mindfulness and meditation practices.

In fact, mindful doodling became a powerful daily meditation practice for me during my recovery from chronic stress and burnout. Through doodling, I learned that mindfulness can be both fun and effective.

Recently, one of the participants in a Doodle Breaks session expressed a similar sentiment:

“I never realized that mindful doodling could bring me such a sense of calm and joy. My mind is usually all over the place, jumping from one thing to another. This Doodle Break became my permission to relax and rediscover a peaceful way of being in the moment.” – Monique

I want to emphasize that there are countless forms of mindfulness. It’s crucial for individuals to find practices that resonates with them and dedicate enough time to it.

In our fast-paced world, we often seek instant impact, but the true and lasting impact on mental well-being comes from discovering a mindful activity that individuals genuinely enjoy.

If you are interested in experiencing your own 5-minute doodle break, please book your mindfulness break here.

Helping your employees feel better, work better and live better.


Melissa Lloyd
Founder of Doodle Breaks 

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