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Quiet Quitting – What is it really all about?

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As September marks the start of a new year for many, do actions speak louder than words? We see this as a not so quiet plea for help. We have seen the definitions. People want to limit their workloads and create a way to do only a job’s bare minimum. They want to get the job done and set clear boundaries to improve work-life balance.  

We want to make it clear that it’s not about not doing their job. It’s that they are not thriving, not participating in extra-curricular, or volunteering for extra things that will add to their day. 

We see this as a sign that people are experiencing burnout. Quiet quitting is a way to deal with burnout to help alleviate stress. 

A study by Deloitte shows that 77% of people are experiencing burnout in their current job, and 51% of people have experienced burnout more than once.

Burnout is a very severe worldwide situation. How will your workplace work through this pandemic? How can you change your work environment? As employers, teammates, partners or friends how can you help? Talk to them, gather their feedback and discuss what can be done to make them feel appreciated. It may be as simple as regular words of encouragement. Do your daily check-ins and ensure that boundaries are clear and most importantly help them manage their stress by providing more mental health resources. 

We can help with this. Give your people permission to pause by providing a healthy break. Not only help your people feel better, but they will work better and live better. See for yourself, join our Doodle Break Challenge starting on September 19th

Learn more about the Doodle Break Challenge here

We are here to help!

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