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Rev Up Your Wellness: Mindful Fun for Employees

Doodle Breaks is a fun and calming way to 'stop' during my day. Taking a different brain route way from work when I need to refocus.

As workplace wellness initiatives become increasingly popular, it’s important for employees to view these initiatives as something fun and enjoyable rather than just another task on their to-do list. One way to do this is by introducing a unique and engaging wellness activity such as mindful doodling.

What is Mindful Doodling?

Mindful Doodling is a creative and relaxing activity that encourages individuals to focus on the present moment, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve mental clarity. It involves drawing simple patterns and shapes, without the pressure of producing a specific end result. This approach is perfect for individuals who may not consider themselves “creative” or “artistic” but want to engage in a fun and low-stress activity that has wellness benefits. 

How to Introduce Mindful doodling?

To introduce mindful doodling as a wellness initiative, you can offer keynotes or Challenges to teach the how-to and start with the basics of this activity. You can also provide the necessary supplies, such as paper, pens, and markers, to encourage individuals to participate.

In addition, you can integrate mindful doodling into existing workplace wellness programs, such as lunch and learn sessions, team-building activities, or providing stress management workshops. Encouraging employees to take breaks throughout the day to mindful doodle, or organizing a “Doodle Break” where employees can take a few minutes with a pen and page to relax, can also help to frame the activity as a fun and enjoyable wellness initiative.

A new way to reframe your wellness initiatives

By framing wellness initiatives in a way that emphasizes their fun and enjoyable nature, you can encourage employees to engage in wellness activities with enthusiasm and motivation.

Mindful doodling is just one example of a unique and creative wellness activity that can help employees see wellness initiatives as something they want to do, rather than just another task on their to-do list.

If you would like more information on how mindful doodling can fit into your wellness initiatives or are looking to learn more, I would love to chat. Please book a 15 minute call. 

Helping your employees feel better, work better and live better.


Melissa Lloyd
Founder of Doodle Breaks Doodle Lovely

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