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Something you might not know about Gen Z

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Last week’s blog highlighted being mindful and the importance of pausing so we can experience putting more life back into life. 

Yesterday, I chose to be more mindful while I was on a commuter train, and, right in front of me, were several examples of things I have taken for granted.  

What did I see? Besides the beautiful landscape out my window, I looked around and noticed Gen Z’s reading hardcover books, writing in a physical calendar and another journaling.  

This was a beautiful example of the yin and yang of this generation. Gen Z’s have grown up with technology, holding a tablet or phone is second nature to holding a physical book. Yet I was witnessing a balance.  

Gen Z has been labelled as the most anxious generation to date. In addition to the pandemic, their anxiety has, at various times, been fuelled by unemployment, climate change, technology and other stressors. This is a lot for anyone to take on.  

But here is what is so unique, Gen Z’s are often thought of as high achievers while also “… in touch with their emotions. They believe that mental health is a holistic state of well-being that grows from the inside out.” M. Merriman | E&Y  

Why is this important to know? As the workplace and landscape continues to change, how are we supporting this generation to do their best work?  

“It’s important to be aware of the potential for burnout among young overachievers—and to incorporate fun and breaks into the work environment and provide access to healthy escapes focused on relaxation and stress relief.” SHRM 

We need to pay attention and provide solutions that are tactile. One way is by allowing and supporting your people with healthy breaks.  

Whichever generation you belong to, let’s continue to give each other the things we need and practice being mindful of what is around us. 

Helping your teams Feel Better. Work Better. Live Better. 


Melissa Lloyd
Founder of Doodle Breaks & Doodle Lovely

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Melissa Lloyd
Founder of Doodle Breaks & Doodle Lovely

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