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Stress: The Good, The Bad – Why we need it!

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Imagine this scenario… your manager drops a brand new complex project on your desk… with a short deadline. This can be stressful. You have other important responsibilities at work, and obligations outside of work, too. How will you juggle it all and still maintain your balance, sanity and health? By knowing the difference between the good vs bad stress.  

Defining Good vs Bad Stress 

Our stress response is a natural, adaptive, built-in process that temporarily increases our energy, focus and prepares us for action both physically and mentally. 

Good stress is short-term and it inspires and motivates you, focuses your energy and enhances performance. Positive, healthy stress should feel like, “OK, this is going to be hard, but I can do this, here we go.” 

Bad stress wears you out, leaves you jittery and can be harmful to your health. Bad stress (or distress) is long term and can lead to anxiety, confusion, poor concentration and decreased performance. 

Generally, stress is good when it meets two basic criteria:

1) What’s being asked of us feels doable
2) We know the stress is temporary 

So when you are faced with a new request, a new project or a challenge that may seem unrealistic. Ask yourself these two questions and just maybe that last minute request can actually be healthy.  

To ensure that you are taking care of yourself during these stress filled times, surround yourself with tools that will lower your anxiety and relax your mind.  

To help you combat stress, here is a 5-minute Doodle Break.

Be kind to yourself and remember to do the things that will help you Feel Better, Work Better and Live Better.  
Melissa Lloyd
Founder of Doodle Breaks & Doodle Lovely

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