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The psychological costs of distractions


Let’s face it, distractions are everywhere. In today’s always-connected world, diversions are nothing more than a click away. Staying on task can be difficult, but it can be particularly challenging when you are surrounded by constant distraction.

Studies have shown that it takes an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back to the task at hand when you are interrupted. 

Even during quiet moments, distraction is literally at your fingertips as you find yourself checking your Instagram notifications or the latest news updates.

What are the psychological costs of all these distractions?

People experience higher levels of stress, frustration, mental effort, feeling of time pressure and mental workload. That feeling of monkey brain and unease play a factor.

Here is a solution: Start to eliminate distractions by building your focus muscle with a Doodle Break.

The more you work on building this, the stronger it gets.

Building your focus muscle can help you manage your thoughts, regulate your emotions, and behave productively. Doodle Breaks uses creative mindfulness that help build this mental muscle.

Focus your effort and energy on the things that matter most without all the distractions.

Learn more and experience your own 5-minute Doodle Break to feel better, work better, live better JOIN HERE

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