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Turning Negative Stress Into Positive Change

May is Mental Health Awareness month.

Fewer Americans are “thriving” today than 13 months ago. 

While daily stress and worry remain steady and near pre-pandemic levels, according to a new life satisfaction poll released in March by the polling firm Gallup:

  • The percentage of adults classified as “thriving” dropped again to 53.2%
  • Thriving rates among independents have dropped steeply since June 2021
  • Daily stress and worry both remain steady and near pre-pandemic levels

To some degree this holds true regardless of what country we live in. Daily stress continues to be on the rise, as there will always be something to factor in: the pandemic, rising inflation, invasions or managing change in our work environments.

How can your organization turn Negative stress into Positive change?

By implementing daily strategies that can help reduce stress.

When we give people the opportunity to take a healthy break, this results in healthier, more productive employees.

Creative mindfulness helps to bring mindful actions into your daily routines. Research has shown us that being mindful can help reduce stress, anxiety and conflict, and increase resilience and creativity, while improving communication in the workplace. 

Doodle Breaks provides immediate relief by engaging a person’s relaxation response and promoting a lifestyle change that can be more effective in the long run. 

Download our Science Behind Doodling to give you more data on how you can successfully integrate creative mindfulness and learn how to build a positive habit that can minimize daily stress for your team.

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