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Unmasking Emotional Numbness: A Roadblock to Peak Performance

Substance abuse and emotional numbing continue to be on the rise in the workplace. 

Studies have shown that job demands and job insecurity are associated with increased alcohol use among working adults. However, this increase is not just limited to alcohol, but also other substances and emotional numbing as a way to cope with the stress and pressure of modern-day living, including the ongoing pandemic.

Emotional numbing is a coping mechanism that can protect individuals from overwhelming feelings, but it can also have a significant impact on an employee’s work performance and overall well-being. When employees become emotionally numb, they may lose interest in their work, struggle to complete tasks, display changes in behavior, and have physical symptoms such as headaches and fatigue.

As an employer or manager, it can be challenging to identify emotional numbness in your employees, as it is an internal state that may not be immediately apparent. 

However, there are signs that you can look out for, including decreased engagement, reduced productivity, changes in behavior, increased absenteeism, poor work quality, and changes in attitude.

So, what can you do to help your employees? 

Building a supportive work environment is crucial, offering diverse stress management resources, and encouraging breaks. Doodle Breaks, where employees can engage in creative activities, can help reduce the risk of emotional numbing and support their success and productivity.

It’s essential to take action and address emotional numbness in the workplace before it’s too late. By doing so, you can promote a healthy work environment that supports your employees’ well-being and work performance. 

To discuss your company’s needs and learn more about how to support your employees, Book a Call with me today.

Remember, your employees’ well-being is vital to your company’s success, and by addressing emotional numbness and promoting a supportive work environment, you can help them thrive both professionally and personally.

Helping your employees feel better, work better and live better.


Melissa Lloyd
Founder of Doodle Breaks Doodle Lovely

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